Unknowns, 2024

SU_3D-Vir_I / interactive 3D model
made with blender and cables.gl

Since September 2023, I have been grappling with a diffuse medical condition marked by diverse symptoms such as severe dizziness and circulatory issues. Despite extensive medical examinations, a clear diagnosis from various specialists has remained elusive. This uncertainty has inspired me to process my experiences through an artistic series.
The foundation of my works comprises medical examination data, as well as CT and MRI scans of my body. Through their transcription and alteration within 3D software, fictional models emerge, reminiscent in form and surface, or even animated movement, of microorganisms.
Beyond the artistic manipulation of the transmission parameters of my physical data and images into the three-dimensional virtual space, and the interventions and alterations taking place therein, this process isan attempt to transform the helpless, passive situation into an active engagement. It aims to visually capture and communicate the invisibility of my health condition.
Thus, this fusion of medical reality and purely fictional artistic interpretation opens up a space for exploring the connection between the tangible physical and the entirely virtual aesthetic.