Unknowns, 2024 / SU_3D-Vir_III / interactive 3D model
made with blender and cables.gl

The series consists of large-size lenticular prints that show satellite images of jungle areas. First, screenshots were taken in locations on Google Earth where – besides the two-dimensional satellite image – there is no further geodata available. No streets crossing the forest, no shops or houses are marked, no cartographic indications of human life. There's no knowledge about these places, except for the photographic image of the surface in natural tones of green color. Based on the brightness values of the flat image a three-dimensional model (depth map) was rendered. It is then transferred into a physical form using lenticular technique - a two-dimensional print with a stereoscopic lens that gives the illusion of three-dimensionality. The inherent image information, e.g the seemingly abstract texture, is used to create a new perception constructed through the interactions between 2D and 3D data.