2013, various sizes
Trees trunks on desk chair pedestals, barrels, tupperware, water pumps, hoses, cables, plug connectors, nails, sisals string, fan, machete, candle.
Exhibition views at HFBK Hamburg / Hidari Zingaro Berlin / Kaikai Zingaro Tokyo

The bucketshowers are mobile fountains: artificial waterfalls inspired by the landlocked Southeast Asian country of Laos and its fascinating ecosystems. In an improvised mix – organic materials such as wood and natural fibers blend with plastic elements like Tupperware and hoses, as well as with accessories such as a fan, a power switch board labeled in Laotian, and a machete – artifacts of nature and electic devices meet each other in an almost romanticized way, supported acoustically by recurring pumping and trickling noises. The visual and acoustic calming atmosphere of the sculpture series has an invisible dangerous side. Fuses are exposed, hanging hoses and cables twisted like lianas under strongly dripping Tupperware and water and electricity come very close. In asian Backpackers culture, "bucket showers" – the inconvenient but also bracing act of showering with a small bucket full of cold water – are common and thus lend their name to this oversized indoor fountain.
⟨Text: Annika Goretzki⟩